Throughout the day, happy socks get caught between very hot feet and limited boots. They can be continually chafed and tugged while we walk, then Happy Socks thrown from the washer, washed in (sometimes way too) boiling water, and chucked from the tumble dryer, inspite of the attention suggestions. The complete act will be recurring just like a brutal routine! So, just how can we carry on and give high-quality socks?

This is actually the expert sock maker’s task. He assures that the stockings are of the best and may not relaxation until he or she is completely thrilled with all the outcomes.


Receive ideal endurance and high quality, a robust yarn should be weaved as tightly as you can. CNC-managed knitting equipment knit our stockings completely, guaranteeing very long-long lasting, higher-quality socks. Socks are subjected to far more tension with the back heel and toe location than the remainder of the sock, for this reason thicker yarns are employed, or maybe the yarn is did the trick frequently through the entire knitting approach.


For good quality, the size of the fibres in the dealt with yarn is essential. Peruvian Pima natural cotton has got the longest fibres. 100 % cotton is spun with many other fibres to create yarn. The greater number of small the yarn, the better tough the cloth once weaved. This contributes to the unrivalled quality of our stockings, underwear, and T-tshirts.


Because we value quality, we produce all of our stockings in The european union. Most are made in a vegetation in upper Italy, with many coming in Turkey. The production supervisor personally evaluates the color, textile, and in shape in our socks regularly.


100 % cotton is of course beige, thus any textile that is not beige has been bleached or dyed. Colourfastness is an important quality conditions for shaded fabrics. Dark coloring includes a propensity to change grey or diminish in the near future. Only great-high quality colours will not bleed and will be able to hold up against the everyday demands.