Royal Pie Recipe – Bake Your Pie And Share It With Family And Friends

The Greek noble family members are one of the handful of remaining royalties around the world. The tradition of slicing a cake on the first day of your New Year is an age group-aged custom in Greece. The decreasing in the noble pie or even the king’s pie is performed on the very first day in the New Year. The cake decreasing is all about locating a gold coin invisible inside the spherical dessert, and the individual who locates royal pie recipe (βασιλοπιτα συνταγη) it can be deemed very privileged.

The noble cake formula βασιλοπιτα συνταγη is stuffed with wonderful flavorings, and yes it symbolizes the joy of life. The pie is often known as “Vasilopita” and is lower with the expectation how the New 12 months is going to be filled up with sweetness and enjoy.

The pita cutting marriage ceremony

Should you go by custom, this royal pie is reduce with the brain in the household, it can be reduce inside the form of a go across. The initial piece is for Jesus Christ, the part to the Virgin Mary, along with the next is perfect for the much less fortunate folks. Nonetheless, it can be lower to the family members.

The recipe in the royal pie

Getting part of this royal traditions and obtaining a piece of it will surely be interesting, so let’s jump on with the noble cake formula βασιλοπιτα συνταγη:

The ingredients

•Self-rearing flour- 500 gr

•Butter at room temperatures-250 gr

•Eggs-3 big

•Glucose- 2 servings

•Cooking natural powder-1 tbsp

•Vanilla flavor essence-1 tbsp

•Orange zest of a single orange

•Orange fruit juice to have an added flavour

•Whole milk – 250 ml

•Just a little butter and flour to grease the pan

•Lastly, a coin!


•Preheat the stove to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Oil the pan with flour and butter.

•Combine butter, sugar in the mixing machine before the mix changes bright white. To this particular mix, include the vanilla flavor substance, zest of orange, and eggs one at a time.

•Stirring constantly, put milk and orange juice.

•Now add the flour and the cooking powder.

•Mix every one of the ingredients properly using a spatula

•Put it in the greased pan and add more the coin at the center.

•Make the preheated your oven and make it for 45 to 50 minutes.

After the cooking is carried out, take it off and let it amazing. Well before helping, mix with powder sweets and revel in.

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