If you’re operating a Minecraft Bedrock Servers, it’s important to actually have normal back ups of your planet details. If something fails and your host crashes, you’ll be glad you do have a current back up to bring back from. With this article, we’ll talk about some tricks and tips for support increase your Minecraft hosting server entire world data.

Idea #01: Work With A Committed Back up Solution

The first and most critical suggestion is by using a devoted backup answer. There are several great options out there, but we recommend using MineOS for its simplicity and dependability. You will discover more details about MineOS in this article:

Hint #02: Setup Normal Backups

After you’ve decided on a backup solution, it’s crucial to setup standard back ups. We advise putting together daily or weekly back ups, depending on how often your hosting server is utilized. Using this method, if some thing does go wrong, you’ll have got a recent back-up to revive from.

Suggestion #03: Store Your Backups Off-Internet site

Another essential tip is usually to store your back ups off-web site. Because of this if one thing occurs to your web server, you’ll continue to have a file backup of your own world details. There are many excellent off-internet site safe-keeping choices available, so select one that works for you and set up it up.

Hint #04: Try Out Your Back ups

Lastly, it’s essential to try out your backups routinely. In this way, you can be sure that they’re employed as predicted so you can repair them if required. To evaluate your backups, merely try out repairing in one completely to another web server or neighborhood setting. If every little thing goes well, then you know your back-up is operating appropriately.


Pursuing these guidelines, you can be sure your Minecraft hosting server community information is safe and sound. Do you have every other recommendations or techniques for support up Minecraft servers? Inform us in the responses beneath!